I will like to believe that am talking with business owners and potential business owners. The economy of every nation is largely dependent on the SMEs in that nation, it’s in the record that SMEs in Lagos state Nigeria make up for 87% of the state economy because of the number of persons employed by them.


Today those businesses are even more successful primarily because they have learned to take advantage of the online space (advancement in technology and internet access).

Nigeria for instance is the number one internet user in Africa and about no7 in the world having 111million active users of the internet. Meaning it’s very strategic for every business to have an online store to showcase its unique product and services to the world.


1. Create your company brand identity, which includes your business/product’s unique name, professional logo, tagline, etc.

2. Create a company profile and post it on various platforms for easy search

3. Create social media accounts and focus on strategic post engagement

4. Schedule weekly posts & sponsored ads

5. Design an online store (a website that converts)

6. Grow your platform via rich and engaging content which can provoke people to share, re-post & buy.

7. Set up google my business to increase online search results.

7. Finally, become influential in your niche. Be the person (company) others can run to or refer to as an expert when it comes to that one product or service. This is why most business owners are encouraged to pick a niche and focus on becoming a lord there. I trust you got value from this.

Lets stop here for now……… God bless

feedback & question??????? ©Martin Amiadamhen

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